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We Share Our Commission with You
Beverly Hills Homes Yes, we refund buyers 50% of our commission! A lot of buyers prefer to find their own properties. Whether it's commercial or residential property, buyers use Internet or other methods to search and indentify their potential home or investment. Our buyer cash rebate program is based on your ability to search and find properties that are currently on the market. We act as your advisor and evaluate your property, submit offers, negotiate, and handle all the closing/escrow process at no charge to you.

In order to be eligible to receive your buyer cash back, you must become engaged in an agency relationship with Platinum Capital Realty. Our agency relationship will ensure our eligibility to receive commission from the sellers thus giving you the buyer incentive.

Buyer's responsibilities:
  • Searching and previewing the residential or commercial properties
  • Reasonable intent to purchase a property
  • Obtaining a pre-approval letter from a direct lender
  • Informing others that you are represented by Platinum Capital Realty

Our Responsibilities
  • Guidance and advice about the potential of the properties that you are interested in purchasing
  • Arrange appointments to view the property
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Assist you with escrow, closing and financing

Click Here for Residential Buyer Cash back.

Click Here for Commercial Buyer Cash back

Please read our Rebate Disclosures.
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